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We specialise solely in this market and offer tailored insurance packages for Vape Shops, CBD Shops, Online retailers operating from home, Vape and CBD Distributors and E-liquid and CBD manufacturers.

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UKVCI are the leading Insurance Brokers for the Vape and CBD Industry

Welcome to UKVCI, the UK’s first port of call for ensuring your vape and CBD business is covered! For the last few years, insurance has been somewhat difficult to secure within these industries. This is mainly due to the lack of knowledge from either the insurers or indeed the insurance brokers, as their knowledge of such products and liabilities fall out of their usual education of risk management. 

This can lead to improper placement of cover, increased level of premiums and of course your business being at risk from underinsurance! Our expertise is purely derived from vape, CBD and insurance, meaning that we are the ultimate umbrella for your business. Unlike any other broker, we understand that a vape or CBD related business doesn’t typically fall under a similar roof as many other industries, and as many brokers are left baffled with what or where to place each risk, we know exactly what policy to tailor and where to place each item of peril. 

We have secured partnerships with insurers that share this knowledge, meaning that the expertise supported within your policy, will guarantee that the policy will respond in the event of acclaim – After all, that’s what the policy is there for! As a business owner, it is extremely important for you to know the fundamental risk categories that your business falls under. If you are unaware of these, I am afraid that you haven’t been supported by coverage that can protect you and your livelihood.