CBD Insurance

We specialise solely in this market and offer tailored insurance packages for CBD physical shops, online additionally manufacturers and wholesalers of CBD products.

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CBD Insurance

We created UKVCI because we noticed an issue in the Hemp & CBD Industry.  The growth and speed of evolution left insurers struggling to keep up whilst many insurance brokers scramble to sell cheap policies they left many CBD clients with inadequate coverage that was not really designed for the CBD industry we felt that something needed to change.


We collaborated with a number of compliance companies to develop an insurance solution that is specifically geared towards the industry whether you are a small bricks and mortar shop, large distributer or large manufacturer we have a tailored policy to suit your business needs.  We want you to feel comfortable that you are speaking to people that are passionate about the industry and will connect you with the right insurance company and risk management advice to properly protect your business.


Insurance is something we all must have, but when you need to use it you want to be confident the policy will respond properly sometimes the cheapest the policy isn’t always the best deal.